Innovating with experience

ISO / IEC 17025
accredited laboratory
and consulting firm on materials technology

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Quality experts when quality matters

Technical competence, reliability, timeliness, flexibility, fairness:

these are the goals we strive for EVERY DAY!

IMM carries out its activity in laboratory and on-site testson construction materials and intechnical consultingin the field of materials technology (concrete, bituminous conglomerates, soils and rocks, coatings, etc.).

Along with traditional testing services, we combine advanced skills in the diagnosis of structures and in the field of durability, resilience and sustainability of materials and infrastructures.

Innovating with experience

Why us?

Since 1992 IMM offers a wide range of testing services (concrete, road and rail infrastructures, geotechnics and geomechanics, product certifications, technological support, etc.) among which more than 110 are ISO / IEC 17025 accredited tests.

The diversity of our offer in testing services is undoubtedly one of the reasons behind our success, allowing us to be the ideal partner to accompany you in your projects, even the most complex ones: from conception and feasibility, to execution, testing and maintenance.

BUT THIS IS NOT ENOUGH! IMM is also an office with transversal competences in the fields of engineering, construction technologies and materials optimization processes. Skills coming from the ten years experience of its personnelin the world of both national and international infrastructures. As consultants, we provide technical solutionsto design, contractual and construction problems, or even everything related to materials technological weaknesses.

Board of Directors

Giancarlo Rosselli

Eng. civ. dipl. ETHZ

Michel Di Tommaso

Geol. Uni MI - EUR Ing.
General Manager

Established three decades ago as a test laboratory essentially for the local market, IMM has built up over the years a growing credibility as testing and consulting body at national and international level, participating in the success of some of the major infrastructure projects around the world.

We are an entrepreneurial reality
with a Swiss heartand an international brain

Science can amuse and fascinate us all, but it's engineering that changes the world

– Isaac Asimov

Whether it has to do with conducting accredited tests, developing new test methods, internal and external research, or even bringing you our expertise in materials technology in the infrastructure field, there are no too complex challenges for a group like ours, united, prepared, proactive!

Organization chart

We could boast of being an unusual laboratory in terms of number of employees, quality and diversification of testing and consulting services provided, but the best witnesses are the clients who continue to confirm their trust in us, which allows us to win more and more credibility and conviction in our efforts and in our strategy.

The facts, however, are that IMM is, and has been, involved as an accredited testing laboratory and/or consulting firm in major infrastructure projects, some of which are also iconic, that took place both in Switzerland and in the five continents, working both with planners, construction managers, constructions companies and public clients. And yes, not everyone can do this.

Rome wasn’t built in a day

The efforts deployed from the foundation till today have shaped what IMM is in the 21st century: a solid and reliable reference for the local, national and international construction industry.